World’s Most Realistic and Effective Small Arms Training Simulators

VirTra Systems Inc. provides the world’s most realistic and effective small arms training simulators to Military, Law Enforcement, and Security agencies worldwide. CSSPakistan now in collaboration with VirTra Systems Inc brings you the highest standards in firearms training simulation.

The full line of marksmanship, collective, and judgmental use-of-force simulators range from portable single-screen systems to the world’s most challenging firearms training simulator – the VirTra 300. VirTra Systems’ advanced firearms training simulators feature video-based scenarios that allow threats to be engaged across multiple screens, immersive multi-directional sound, and drop-in tetherless recoil kits. We offer the world’s only video-based 300-degree simulator platform and the patented Threat-Fire™ hostile return fire system. We believe that personnel entrusted with lethal force and critical missions deserve the very best training available.


For many years, firearms trainers have developed training based on the old saying: “Train like you fight because you will fight like you train.” This proven philosophy applies to all aspects of training, even more so in firearms simulation. Whether you are an athlete, an artist or Law Enforcement professional, skills mastery requires repetition of proper technique until the ability to perform no longer requires conscious thought; it becomes second nature. What you practice in training will be repeated on the street under the pressure of a real life or death encounter. This was tragically illustrated during the infamous “Newhall Incident” in 1970. That incident has impacted training procedures for enforcement agencies nationwide. These changes had not been incorporated into the simulation industry until now. Both good and bad habits are learned through repetition. Simulators traditionally have always involved a single screen directly in front of the trainee. The officers we have spoken to have told us that this method instills and reinforces the issue of tunnel vision.

As we know, reality paints a much different picture, as threats can come from all around us-sometimes from more than one direction and at the same time. In our research, and from the experience of our Law Enforcement professionals, many people experience tunnel vision under duress, and situational awareness is compromised. Thus the driving force that moves our evolution to multi-screen training was born. With multi-screen use-of-force simulator technology, situational awareness becomes one of the key elements in the simulators we manufacture, the scenarios we create, and the people we employ-all striving to provide the very best training available. Single screen simulators simply fall short and are no longer a viable source for effective training. Fully immersive, realistic options like the VirTra product have now become the higher standard in simulated firearms training.


Filmed on location, scenarios run across multiple screens that create the only 300 degree, fully immersive training environment available today.


Live actors, not CGI or Hybrid CGI characters allow us to capture the human element, revealing threat cues that further involve the trainee in the encounter.


Use of officer’s side arm or real weapon, rather than “non-gun” replicas. Simple barrel replacement with our recoil kit enables the officer to work with the actual weapon used every day. Our kits require no modification of the weapon and take minutes to install. SmartMag intelligent magazines allow for increased realism and kits are tetherless to allow freedom of movement within the simulator.


Patented Threat-Fire™ return fire, or “shoot back” device utilizing electric impulse to effectively simulate live fire with no safety equipment needed. No cleaning up of projectiles or potential of injury to the trainee. Less equipment equals less distraction, and more realistic environments.


Auditory Recognition and Feel. With directional sound, we can increase the awareness and develop higher levels of situational awareness by creating noise and distractions from all screens. Additionally, our raised training platform is equipped with acoustics that make the trainee hear and feel vibration and sounds within the simulator, adding to the immersive environment, further creating a realistic model for the situations they face every day.


Low Light Training System. Exposes the trainee to proper use of the flashlight in combination with weapon in low light environments. Develops confidence and ability with threat/target identification in low light situations.


Use-of-Force Simulation. In today’s changing and litigious society, use-of-force encounters have become more critical from a training standpoint than ever before. Our system incorporates TASER®, OC spray and baton as non-lethal options coupled with branch-able scenarios designed to reinforce this critical area of training.

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