Walkie Talkie VHF 136-174 MHz

This radio supports the very latest in radio communications technology. With an output RF power of 4W and a 1200mAh Li-ion battery giving you up to 8 hours talk time, this radio surpases all other radios in its price range.
Frequency range136-174mhz
Frequency spread38Mhz
Operating temperature-10 —- +60
Frequency stability5 PPM(+/-0.0005%)
Power consumptionStandby with saver:35ma
Receiver(500mW) 175mA
Transmit(4watts) 2.5Amps
Battery voltage and type1200mAh Li-Ion, Rechargeable
Battery Life8 hours @5w
12 hours @1w
Duty cycle: 5-5-9
Communication systemPLL synthesized EPROM/EEPROM Programmable
ProgrammingFrequency(TX & RX),scan modes, ANI,TOT,busy lock-out
CTCSS,DCS,Bty saver,nuisance channel delete etc.
Internal speakerBuilt-in, front facing
Antenna typeRubber flex type
Antenna impedance50 Ohms
Channel spacing25/12.5khz selectable
Type of emissionF3E or 16F3E
CasingDiecase metal frame with Poly-Carbonate covers with
Gaskets for weather & rain-proof operation
Weight220g (including battery)
Size100 x 55 x 32 mm (antenna not included)
RF output power1 and 5 watts(Switchable)
Spurious and harmonicsMore than 65dB down below rated power
Hum & NoiseMore than 45dB down
Modulaton distortionLess than 5% @ 1khz 70% modulation
Audio responseWithin -3db of 6db/Octave Pre-emphasis from 300-3000Hz, 1kHz reference
SensitivityLess than 0.25 MV for 12 dB SINAD
Less than 0.25 MV for 20 dB Noise Quieting
Adjacent channel selectivityMore than 65dB
Spurious image rejectionMore than 60dB
Inter modulation distortionBattery than 65dB
Hum & NoiseMore than 45dB
Audio output500mW
AF DistortionLess than 10%
Audio responseWithin -3db of 6db/Octave Pre-emphasis from 300-3000Hz, 1kHz reference

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