UHF/VHF Products

Walkie Talkie VHF 136-174 MHz

This radio supports the very latest in radio communications technology. With an output RF power of 4W and a 1200mAh Li-ion battery giving you up to 8 hours talk time, this radio surpases all other radios in its price range. General Frequency range 136-174mhz Channels 128 Frequency spread 38Mhz Operating temperature -10 —- +60 Frequency stability 5 PPM(+/-0.0005%) Power consumption Standby with saver:35ma
Receiver(500mW) 175mA
Transmit(4watts) 2.5Amps Battery voltage and type 1200mAh Li-Ion, Rechargeable Battery Life 8 hours @5w
12 hours @1w
Duty cycle: 5-5-9 Communication system PLL synthesized EPROM/EEPROM Programmable Programming Frequency(TX & RX),scan modes, ANI,TOT,busy lock-out
CTCSS,DCS,Bty saver,nuisance channel delete etc. Internal speaker Built-in, front facing Antenna type Rubber flex type Antenna impedance 50 Ohms Channel spacing 25/12.5khz selectable Type of emission F3E or 16F3E Casing Diecase metal frame with Poly-Carbonate covers with
Gaskets for weather & rain-proof operation Weight 220g [...]
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