LX6 Polygraph System

Lafayette Instrument LX6
Lafayette Instrument Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of Polygraph instrumentation and equipment, distributing credibility assessment solutions to private examiners, government, and military organizations around the world. Since 1993, the Lafayette Instrument Company Computerized Polygraph System has been a mainstay in the Polygraph industry. The Lafayette LX6 is the next generation in quality and function. CSSPakistan in proud association with Lafayette Instrument Company brings you LX6 Polygraph System LX6LXSoftware with PolyScore, OSS-3, and updated drug reference Comprehensive Instruction Manual Activity Sensor Pneumo Chest Assembly, silver Pneumo Chest Assembly, blue 50 Disposable and 2 Reusable Snap EDA Electrodes Blood Pressure Cuff Pump Bulb w/ Gauge All necessary cabling Choice of Targus® backpack or carrying case Exclusive 5 Year Warranty on DAS 1 Year Warranty on Accessories Lifetime Technical Support 10 data channels Superior quick release Fischer® Connectors Recessed pneumatic ports Durable and easy [...]

iCognative – A Game-Changing Science that Detects Concealed Information Stored in Brain

A Forensic Tool to Objectively Determine the Possession of Privileged Information Related to Crimes & Terrorism
  • April 23, 2019
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CSSPakistan is proud to be associated with Brainwave Science – a thought leader at the forefront of emerging and sophisticated technology – to bring you iCognative as part of its suite of products. iCognative is a scientific tool which measures and reads the brain’s involuntary electrical activity in response to a subject being shown stimuli relating to a crime. This technology has been tested by world-renowned institutions and security agencies.Forensic science is constantly evolving — from the discovery of unique human finger prints to the development of DNA profiling, with its ability to match a suspect to a crime. There’s only one problem. Fingerprints and DNA evidence are uncovered in only 1 - 2% of all cases. And DNA fingerprinting can only be successfully applied when investigators collect and preserve fingerprints and biological samples in a time- consuming and expensive labor- intensive way.iCognative by Brainwave Science takes forensic science to the next level… by pinpointing and charting the very origin of deception, stored within the brain. This new forensic advancement that can permanently transform the way suspects are convicted or freed. Consider this: what if law enforcers could tap into a suspect’s mind [...]
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