Communications and Public Transport (Tickets, Check in/out) Cards

The advantages of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) in terms of user-friendliness are impressive, leading to savings as well as high system availability. Cards with MIFARE technology (Contactless) can be activated without manually inserting a card into a mechanically operated reader and delivering impressive saving on maintenance. By using smart card, riders no longer will have to fumble for exact change or keep track of complicated fares. The Card will mean no more waiting in lines to buy tickets, tokens or passes, and less congestion at fare collection points, and various programs allow riders to automatically transfer value from their bank accounts or credit cards to their Smart Card, whenever the stored value dips below a certain amount, and more accommodating for persons with disabilities, where conventional fare payment points presented physical barriers, to using public transportation systems, and In the future, Smart cards may be accepted at parking lots, parking meters, taxis and public telephones.

• Magnetic Stripe Card for toll collection (300 Oe/Lo-Co, 2750 Oe/Me-Co, 4000 Oe/Hi-Co), Parking Tickets, Bus/Train Tickets, Top-Up cards, Contactless Cards.

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