Bomb Locator with Data Logger – SENSYS SBL10

CSSPakistan in association with SENSYS – one of the Leading German Providers of Magnetic and Electromagnetic Survey Systems and Components brings you SBL10 – Bomb Locator with Data Logger.

SBL10 is a very compact handheld magnetometer for UXO search in the field. With only 3.7 kg and a clearly arranged control display, SBL10 is easy and intuitive to operate. Due to its folding mechanism SBL10 needs no assembly and is ready within seconds.

How to Setup Bomb Locator - SBL10

Salient Features

  • When being used with an additional probe FGM400/38 and cable (simply connected to the top of the SBL10 control unit) the device is ready for borehole or underwater surveys.
  • The measurement range of both probes is ±30,000nT and enables detection of smallest pieces as well as of deeply buried heavy objects in depths of five to six meters.
  • Three different modes allow for surveys on clear or noisy ground as well as in front of fences or rails.
  • Two battery compartments are used in sequence with an intelligent power management to ensure more than 100 working hours with only one set of standard LR20 batteries.
  • The connection of the additional probe as well as wireless connectable rugged PDA for data recording always keeps the SBL10 as slim as possible but as flexible as needed.
  • The SENSYS MonSX software on the PDA for data recording also allows for an instant view of the covered field as color coded map. that allows a first interpretation of the operator whilst in the field. On top, all parts fit into a light weight fully rugged casing that is easy to store and transport.

Technical Specifications

1. General Technical Data

Power Supply4.5 V
Battery2×3 batteries 1.5 V single cell LR20
Battery Life6 batteries = approximately 120 hours
Operating Temperature-20°C to +60°C
Operating Weight (without casing)3.7 kg (incl. 6 batteries)
Dimensions (L x W x H) when folded950 x 130 x 200 mm

2. Measurement Configuration

Visible measurement range±30,000 nT
Sensitivity levels9
DisplayAnalogue pointer with ±10 scale division;
Resolution0.075 nT at 0.3 nT measurement range

3. SBL10 Probe VS FGM400/38* (optional)

SBL10 probe*FGM400/38* (optional)
Maximum ambient field±75,000 nT±75,000 nT
Specified measurement range±38,460 nT±38,460 nT
Sensor Element Spacing400 mm400 mm
Point of reference378 mm**/4 mm***378 mm**/4 mm***
Declination±3 nT±3 nT
Resolution0.2 nT0.2 nT
Noise<40 pT/√Hz @ 1Hz<40 pT/√Hz @ 1Hz
Cut off frequency (Bandwidth)20 Hz20 Hz
Temperature drift<0,3 nT/K<0,3 nT/K
Drift over timet.b.d.t.b.d.
Uncertainty of measurement1,000 nT/1%****1,000 nT/1%****
Stability<1nT<1 nT
Linearity±4 nT /±4 nT /
Compensation rangen.a.n.a.
Probe Diameter40 mm35 mm
IP codeIP65IP68K 100m available

4. Casing

Dimensions (L x W x H)1,040 x 330 x 180 mm
Weight5.5 kg

5. Optional Accessories

Rugged PDA (optional with Bluetooth dongle)For borehole and single channel measurements
Connection cable15 m, sealed; other lengths on request
Head phoneCustomizable cable length
Soft carry bag1.5 kg (empty)
2-point carry belt

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SENSYS SBL10 The State of the Art Bomb Locator with Data Logger – for All Your EOD Needs

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