Sharpshooter 5010-DC2 Double Channel Full Body/Luggage Security Scanner

The Sharpshooter 5010-DC2 Full Body and Luggage Security Scanning System is a modern and efficient alternative to strip searching and invasive patting. It utilizes proven technology to replace traditional manual procedure and can scan human body both externally and internally for any hidden weapons and contraband items like drugs, gemstones, knives etc. (If you’re only interested in just scanning people, not their luggage then please click here: Sharpshooter 5010-SC3A Single Channel Full Body Security Scanner.)

Sharpshooter 5010-DC2 Display Interface

Sharpshooter 5010-DC2 Display Interface

Unique Highlights

  • Luggage tunnel size: 650×500 mm
  • One stop X-ray scan of luggage and body with clear imaging and record synch.
  • Scan time: <3s


  • Scans human body both internally and externally.
  • Complete screening from head to toe.
  • Wide detection range: metallic & non-metallic objects like drugs, guns, knives, explosives, electronic devices, gemstones etc.
  • Luggage tunnel utilizes dual energy/dual view X-ray imaging and intelligent distinction between different types of materials.
  • Cyclic detection with high speed and efficiency.

Technical Specifications

  • Belt Speed: 0.2 m/s.
  • High throughput: up to 1000 pph.
  • Scan time: < 3s, superior to industry standard of 15s.
  • X-ray leakage: <0.69 µSv/h, outside the radiation protection boundary.
  • Spatial detectability: 1mm wire pair, superior to industry standard of 1.3mm.
  • Wire detectability: 40AWG (0.0787mm,) superior to industry standard of 0.127rnrn.
  • Dose per inspection of body channel: 0.05-0.2µSv, superior to European and American standard of 0.25µSv.
  • Image manipulation: zoom, super enhancement, detail enhancement, B/W reverse, filter, pseudo color, brightness/contrast.

Aeria DV in Action

Sharpshooter 5010 Dual Channel Series Specification

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