1. Are your protection methods good enough to thwart the highest levels of spies, criminals, and terrorists?

2. Are your information networks protected from the most advanced hacking/monitoring attacks?

3. Are all your communications systems locked down and intrusion free?

4. How easy is it for an advanced level operator to monitor conversations in your building?

5. Physically, how secure are your facilities? Are they intrusion proof? Are they safeguarded from bombing attacks, gunman attacks, chemical and biological weapons, etc.? Are they safe from trained operatives who may want to physically monitor your premises?

6. Are your staff members trained to react to different types of attacks?

CSS offers you the highest level of auditing and testing of your security standards. We have a team of professional specialists from different backgrounds who will analyze and test your current levels of security. Based on their findings, you will be issued a report. The report will detail the weaknesses of your current security system. Then a series of suggestions will be made based on the findings. These suggestions can then be implemented by our team.

If you choose to go forward and correct the weaknesses found within your organization, CSS will provide both physical and product solutions as well as any training that is recommended.
For more information please download the Security Audit Brochure: CSS Security Audit

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