This is the smallest and easiest to fly Copter (2000ft flying radius) around. It is constructed with high impact resistant carbon-fiber. Flight time is up to 12 minutes on one battery charge. Battery can be upgraded to 25 minutes flight time. This Copter gives you the ability to conduct remote video surveillance from a safe distance (approx. 1000 ft. LOS) without exposing yourself to danger, etc.


With our new Copter you can:
* Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Reece * Survey Property From High In The Air. * Peep into Home, Office or Warehouse Windows in case of FIRE or DISASTER. * Conduct Convert Video Surveillance * Observe Traffic Conditions Safely From The Air * Aerial Survey in earth quick areas.
* Police hot pursuits. * Agricultural/Crop Survey. * Antinarcotics Force.
* Forest Department.
* Counter Terrorism.
* Rescue Services.
* TV and other Media.

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