Inert IED Detection

IED recognition and defeat are critical skill sets which demand deliberate focus and emphasis when training to confront the largest threat on today’s battlefield. We design and manufacture static visual mock-ups and fully functional IED training devices. Functional devices include features such as sirens, LEDs, and any of our battlefield effects. Our IED training aids do not contain any type of energetic or hazardous materials and can be configured to many different standards. Customization capabilities offer a limitless combination of training devices tailored to
your training requirements.


Inert ExplosivesSimulated training materials are required tools in classrooms and training operations where the storage or use of actual explosives poses safety concerns and legal liabilities. Inert Products manufactures and distributes a wide variety of inert, non-hazardous training aids for safe training use in situations and environments where live explosives are not appropriate. Partnerships with actual explosive manufacturers allow us to supply premium quality, factory OEM inert materials that offer unmatched realism. premium quality, Specialized x-ray correct versions of each product are also available.
Any of these features can be used in training.


Inert OrdnanceInert ordnance training aids are designed to be highly detailed yet extremely durable, allowing for effective training from the classroom to the battlefield. Inert Products manufactures and distributes the largest assortment of replica and inert ordnance in the world. These items include solid urethane replicas, custom machined metal replicas, and OEM factory inert ordnance items. Enhanced production methods allow us to fulfill large orders in record time. Custom designed products are produced on request.

Battlefield Effects

Battlefield EffectsRealistic training is crucial for readiness. Our goal is to provide trainers with realistic devices as well as the effects needed to create the most effective training experience. We offer a wide range of battlefield effects intended to enhance realism while maintaining a safe training environment. IED blast simulation, gunfire simulation, smoke generation, simulated smells and reactive IED’s all combine to create an environment where all senses are realistically stimulated, creating fully immersive training.

Advanced Ordnance Teaching Material

Advanced Ordinance Teaching MaterialAdvanced Ordnance Teaching Materials (AOTM) are designed to enable instructors to visually demonstrate all functioning aspects of common fuzing and ordnance. Intended for classroom handling by instructors and students, these interactive training aids demonstrate both arming and firing sequences with color coded components, which aid in distinguishing technical operation and various internal composition. These training aids are not manufactured by any other company in the world. The education provided by AOTM’s products is utilized by both the US Military and Humanitarian Mine Action programs around the globe.


Dummy Training WeaponsSolid dummy training weapons are manufactured using extremely durable urethane based materials. These replica training rifles include full length metal barrels creating a new level of realism as well as unmatched durability. We produce our replica guns and weapons using various highly advanced machinery and state-of-the-art production methods. This gives us the ability to produce large volumes in record time. Our exclusive line of replica products set a new standard in training, and we’ve set the bar extremely high.


Simulated NarcoticsSimulated narcotics and paraphernalia are designed as safe classroom display samples and are appropriate for vehicle and personal search training. Any type and stage of narcotic manufacture can be replicated for law enforcement training purposes. Bulk packaged simulated narcotics suitable for controlled purchases are also available. Many of these products are made from safe non-toxic food grade substances and all paraphernalia has been modified to prevent usage or harm to trainees.


Training KitsOur extensive selection of training materials offers superior capability and ealism to enhance any training program. Wide varieties of training kits are produced based on client requests and current training requirements.
Popular kits include ordnance, explosives, IEDs, landmines, HME labs, weapons caches, and narcotics. Any product we offer can be produced to your specific needs, combined, and assembled into a custom kit. The possibilities of customizing your products and kits are virtually endless.


Security Awareness Training PostersInert Products designs and distributes an exclusive series of security awareness training posters and also distributes x-ray training posters designed by DSA Detection. These posters cover numerous topics with a focus on IEDs, explosives, drugs, and almost any threat that law enforcement or military forces may encounter. We have the ability to translate these posters into almost any language by utilizing personnel with military experience to ensure the most accurate information possible. Custom posters are designed by request.


Simulated X-Rray TrainingOur X-Ray Training Aids are both visually correct and provide images similar to the real threats on x-ray systems for advanced EOD and counter-IED training.
Select IEDs can also integrate functional electronics to provide a buzzer or wireless transmitter penalty for enhanced interactive training scenarios.

CSS Inert Training Products are indispensable for safe and effective simulated training without risking of life or property.

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