Research Electronics International, LLC (REI) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Electronic Detection and Testing Equipment for Security Applications.

Based in Cookeville, Tennessee, USA, REI specializes in Radio Frequency (RF) Detectors, Non-Linear Junction Detectors (NLJDs,) Telephone & Line Inspection Equipment, Audio Security Equipment (including Acoustic Noise Generators,) Video Inspection and Physical Inspection Equipment to locate Electronic Bugs or Eavesdropping Devices.

CSSPakistan in proud association with REI LLC brings you ANG-2200 Acoustic Noise Generator.

Protect Private Conversations

The ANG-2200 Acoustic Noise Generator creates a perimeter of noise that defeats acoustic leakage eavesdropping devices including wired microphones inside walls, contact microphones, audio transmitters located in AC outlets, and laser/microwave reflections from windows.

Efficiency: offers two channels, each with high and low frequency control to compensate for material composition, with truly random noise sources

Usability: masking system injects noise into the environment perimeter and not directly into the environment—allowing normal conversation while defeating eavesdropping devices

Portability: optional accessories (transducer, omnidirectional speaker, window mounts) can be purchased to tailor the ANG-2200 to the environment of concern

ANG-2200 Acoustic Noise Generator Pics

Technical Specifications

1. Features

  • Two separate channels
  • Truly random noise sources
  • High and low frequency controls
  • Overload protection

2. Applications

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Audio Masking
  • Noise Generation
  • Eavesdropping Prevention
  • Intelligence Protection
  • Executive Protection

3. Specifications


Independent random noise source
Output voltage: 12 Vp-p @ 6 Ω (2 Ω min load)
Frequency range: 125 Hz – 4 kHz
Equalizer: LF 180 Hz ± 12 dB, HF 3 kHz ± 12 dB


15 VDC @ 1 A (AC adaptor supplied for 120 or 240 VAC)


Unit dimensions: 1.6 x 5.5 x 8 in  (4.1 x 14.0 x 20.3 cm)
Unit weight:  1.3 lb. (590 g)

5. Included Accessories

There are currently no accessories associated with this product.

ANG-2200 Acoustic Noise Generator Thwarts & Defeats Even the Most Sophisticated Eavesdropping Attempts.

An Indispensable Tool to Secure Your Internal Communications.

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