Sharpshooter 5010-BC Portable Security Screening System

Sharpshooter Series 5010-BC is a portable security screening system. It is effective in the detection of various contrabands like explosives or drugs concealed in the suspicious luggage. Light in weight, quick in deployment, simple in operation, with high penetrability and high resolution, this system effectively reduces the risk of security inspection and explosives disposal. It is widely adopted in public security, criminal investigation, border patrol as well as in military.


  • Light in weight, easy to carry.
  • Simple installation within 5 minutes.
  • High sensitivity, strong penetration ability.
  • High image resolution, wider image scope.
  • Complete set of cable/wireless connection device.
  • Long working hours, hot plug battery system to support continuous working.

Aeria DV in Action

Sharp Shooter 5010 on Tripod

Performance Parameters

  • Spatial Resolution: ≥3.2lp/mm
  • Active Area: 43x43cm
  • Grey Level: 16 bits
  • Penetrability 20mm Steel
  • Resolution >40AWG
  • Communication Port: Ethernet/WIFI
  • Image Reading Time: 4-6s
  • Tube Voltage of Generator: 50-120kV
  • Tube Current of Generator: 0.1-1mA

System Power Supply

  • Max Power: 500W
  • Working Voltage: AC 180-240V
  • Working Frequency: 50-60Hz

System Image Processing Functions

  • Basic Functions: Edge Enhancement, Color Reverse, Zoom-in/out, Horizontal/Vertical Rotation.
  • Image Storage: Option to store images or not.
  • Image Index: Images in storage can be indexed against parameters like operator ID, scanning time etc.
  • Safety of Images in Storage: Only authorized personnel are allowed to delete images in storage.
  • Image of Dangerous Objects: Frame of dangerous object can be marked out.
  • Network Communication: This system can be checked, controlled and troubleshooted in remote through standard network port.
  • Timing and Counting: Timing on system working hours. Counts number of detections.

System Working Environment

  • Temperature Range: 5℃~40℃
  • Humidity Range: ≤75%
  • Atmosphere Pressure Range: 700hPa~1060hPa

Aeria DV in Action

Sharpshooter 5010-BC Live Image Captures

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