TAGIT SA – Electronic Article Surveillance

  • May 3, 2017
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CSS has partnered with Tagit SA Group – a high-tech private Multi-National company with headquarters in Switzerland. Tagit’s range of products covers all the needs of our customers – from retail, leisure and library sectors to security paper, all needing an Electro-Magnetic (EM) detection system and labels.

Tagit has introduced to the market a new state-of-the-art system, which thanks to the innovative operation principle provides extremely high detection rates over 90%.

TAGIT EM EAS Systems are manufactured using high quality materials. Its patented 3D detection produces high level detection in all three label orientations with an enhanced aisle width of up to 110cm – subject to the configuration and onsite electrical noise level. They have been designed to meet the exit protection needs of a wide range of applications including: high-end cosmetic stores, libraries, archives, book stores, pharmacies, wine shops, galleries etc. Please select one of these antennas based upon your needs:The TAGIT Fortuna EM EAS System is manufactured using high quality materials, and employs our patented 3D detection technology to provide an installation distance of up to130cm with a high level d [...]
  • May 3, 2017
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FLATSCAN30 is the second generation of ICM’s highly innovative flat and portable photodiodes scanner system. As a result of improving the majority of its characteristics, the FLATSCAN30 is capable of identifying any threat both faster and in a more secure manner than ever. With 50% more photodiodes and an ultrafast FPGA micro-controller technology, the new FLATSCAN30 has a better image, is easier to use and is more reliable in harsh RF environment.


Within even smaller sizes than first generation, its active zone has been increased to 30’’ diagonal enabling inspections in just one scan and avoiding the operator to expose himself to threat a second time. Furthermore, the FLATSCAN30 is now an exclusive “3-Edge” system allowing objects to be fully scanned up to the extremity of the 3 FLATSCAN30 edges.

Brochure: FLATSCAN30 Product Brochure

  • May 3, 2017
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CSS Pakistan has ventured with Blue-Spirit a Dutch company that specializes in Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats for the professional offshore markets. We can now provide you with patrol and rescue boats for all professional markets with classifications and according your specifications. We supply these boats to the navy, offshore, dredging, rescue, diving, salvage and tourist companies.

All Blue-Spirit boats are built in the Netherlands, the Dutch workmanship is the epitome of this product. The Blue Spirit boats are delivered with the latest designed accessories, engines and following the best production procedures. All Blue-Spirit boats have been classified CE-B and are being worked on SOLAS classification for our fast rescue boats.

Salient Features:

  • Strong GRP hulls by handlay up system
  • Optional non wood & vacuum injection
  • Choice of Hypalon air or PU foam tubes
  • Choice of engines and propulsion
  • Build to class according your specs
  • Perfect sea handling
  • Build in Holland
  • Very attractive pricing


The INSPECTOR robot can replace men in situations when human life or health is endangered.

In its class, the inspecting and neutralising (EOD/IEDD) INSPECTOR robot is distinguished by its great lifting capacity and the ability to travel in difficult terrain and to overcome its uneven surface and high obstacles.

Typical Usage:

  • Inspection, transportation and neutralisation of hazardous material.
  • Support for counterterrorist operations.
  • High-risk hazardous environments missions.
  • Building protection and supervision.
  • Cooperation with the EXPERT or other robot.

Basic Features of INSPECTOR Robot

  • Width of the mobile base enables to drive through standard doors (70 cm) and to move around the interiors of residential and office buildings.
  • The robot is powered by batteries installed inside the mobile platform or through a cable plugged into the 230V power network.
  • The maximum operation time when powered by batteries is 2 to 8 hours (depending on the operations).
  • During the external power

X-Spector is the revolutionary fully digital portable X-ray solution to improve threat identification. Fully secured and encrypted wireless communication between the generator, image capture unit and laptop provides a 50 m / 164 ft line of vision.

The XSpector not only sets a new standard for image quality, but also provides E.O.D. technicians, customs, police, the army and other law enforcement agents with all of the necessary features to enable them to respond more efficiently and in a safer manner to incidents that potentially threaten the nsecurity of general public.


Portable X-Ray Detector

The XPro Kiosk system offered by CSS Pakistan provides an entertaining, noninvasive guest screening capability tailored to your business objectives and image.

Security Scan Brochure

  • May 2, 2017
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The XPAK reliably detects trace explosives—at a price you can afford. It’s fast and portable, so it’s ready where and when you need it.

Product Brochure – Explosive Detection System


  • May 1, 2017
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GEM Elettronica marine Digital Line Displays (DLD) are the perfect companion for a Radar Box, and now it’s even easier to use one as a second display for your digital radar, or even a PC. Designed for best radar images resolution these flat-panel Super TFT LCD displays deliver the maximum visual quality possible using a pure digital signal over an industry standard DVI connector. This new line of digital display in aluminium case is rugged and waterproof, brighter and much more compatible.

Rugged and waterproof 19 inch., Super TFT display model DLD19.01, 1280×1024 pixel, complete of mounting bracket. Connectors: one-port DVI (digital visual interface), two-port RGB, three-port VD.
Power supply 115 / 220 Vac (on request 24 Vdc)

Rugged and waterproof 20,1 inch., Super TFT display model DLD21.01, 1280×1024 pixel, complete of mounting bracket.
Connectors: one-port DVI (digital visual interface), two-port RGB, [...]

CSS Pakistan has teamed up with RF System Lab to deliver you the VJ-Advance Articulating Borescope. It is the most portable, easiest to use and full-featured video borescope on the market. The VJ-ADV delivers exceptional value and outstanding quality.


Joystick-controlled Articulation
The VJ-ADV provides precise control of the articulating tip through the use of a thumbactivated joystick. This joystick responds to the slightest movement of your thumb and allows for real-time movement of the camera tip in all directions.
VJ-Advance 3.9mm and 6.9mm
The VJ-ADV is available with insertion tube lengths ranging from 1.5 to 5.0 meters. The scopes operate on two AA batteries and has, adjustable LEDs, and stain-less steel-braided insertion tube.

Stand-Alone Imaging Unit

The VJ-ADV is an all-in-one system that combines an articulating borescope with an onboard imaging system. As you conduct an inspection, jpg images can be captured with the click of your index

CSS provides comprehensive equipment for demining and mine clearance operators to assist the removal of land mines.

Digger D-2

The Digger D-2 is a lightweight, remote controlled demining and vegetation clearance vehicle for mine clearance assistance work. D-2, Digger provides deminers in the field a high-quality product, which fulfills their needs for an affordable price.

The Digger D-2 concept is based on requirements given by deminers in the field, but is completed by new tools, what allows the vehicle to be used for different tasks. Digger DTR wants to stay in permanent contact with people from the field, in order to continuously integrate their wishes and remarks in the products. All components used and designed for the D-2 are robust and easy to maintain. Actually, the use of simple technology allows the D-2 to be repaired and maintained easily in the field.

The weight of D-2 allows it to be [...]

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